·         Out-Patient Department Service

·         General Admission

·         Emergency Room Care

·         PHILHEALTH Admission

·         Maternal and Child Care/Mother-Baby Friendly/Newborn Screening

·         Dental Service: Filling, Extraction, Oral Prophylaxis

·         Minor OR: Circumcision, Removal of Cysts

·         Bilateral Tubal Ligation

·         Pre-Natal/Post-Natal/Immunization

·         PHARMACY

·         Xray/ECG

·         Clinical Laboratory and Pathology

·         Consultation on:

o   Medicine

o   Pediatrics

o   Family Medicine

o   OB-Gynecology

o   Surgery

·         Functional Operating room and Delivery room

·         Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine/Wellness Program

·         Leprosy Care and Diagnostics

·         Ambulance Service 

·         Smoking Cessation Clinic